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The Moment Right Before

2016-04-05 12:45:43

Thanks for the visit! If you are a music producer or a composer that creates trailer music, game music or scores for film, you might be interested in the percussion and sound design expansion pack that I have been working on. It's a new sound set for users of Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro called Granular Drum Kits. It has 350 presets and 278 manipulated stereo samples.

  • 1 Bass Patch
  • 4 Bells
  • 22 Cymbals
  • 38 Drumsets
  • 23 Hats
  • 24 Kicks
  • 6 Claps and Hits
  • 23 Percussion Patches
  • 67 Snares
  • 39 Toms
  • 3 Hits & Stabs
  • 43 Motion FX
  • 19 Mechanical SFX
  • 18 Percussion FX
  • 20 Synthetic FX

Using Padshop or Padshop Pro for a percussive virtual instrument might be a new approach for creating drum and percussion tracks for some users. I found it to be an interesting way to have control on individual sounds when constructing drum kits and cinematic drum templates. One of the coolest things about this expansion pack is the dark soundscapes that it provides. I found the motion FX's to be very useful for trailer music, film scores and sound design.

Today's video post is called "The Moment Right Before". It is a good example of soundscapes and house beats that features only presets from the GDK expansion pack. It's a dark and suspenseful fast groove with patches that are motion FX's.

Have a listen!

Gary Gibbons

You can learn more about this project at: Online Music Foundry

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