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Metal Box Kit

2016-04-07 03:08:14

Thanks for the visit! If you have been following this blog you already know that I have been working on a new percussion and sound design expansion pack for users of Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro called Granular Drum Kits.

Some users of Padshop or Padshop Pro might wonder if it is practical to use this virtual instrument for percussion presets. I understand the concern, but I found this new approach for creating drum and percussion tracks a great way to have control on individual sounds when constructing drum kits and cinematic drum templates. For example, I am able to add inserts on each track as well as control the way each preset/instrument is performed by using the aftertouch and modwheel commands. Since some presets have two samples that are layered, it provides a realistic sound for percussion or a way to create a new sounding percussion instrument.

Today's video post is called "Metal Box Kit". It is a good example of a unique but recognizable percussion groove that features only presets from the GDK expansion pack.

Check it out!

Gary Gibbons

You can learn more about this project at: Online Music Foundry

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