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Whole Nine Yards® – Killer

Something about my band Whole Nine Yards® …

The positive part: Starting in 1996, I released the Whole Nine Yards® CD Blackend, Lips Flies & Devils Eyes and Underlying Pain and several EPs and singles. Had most of my content distributed in the On Cue, Sam Goody/Musicland chain in the midwest of America. 

After moving to Hong Kong I reformed the group and played several shows in the region. For fun, I made the linked Killer music video with guitarist Pasu Luk, actress Jenny Ma, actor Basel Kirmani and German director, Marc Oberdorfer to promote the band locally.

I used Steinberg’s Cubase 6.5 to produce the song. The intro featured a preset from Padshop Pro and the lead was a custom made patch that I made from Retrologue. Was a fun experience.

The negative part about my Whole Nine Yards® journey was dealing with trademark legal matters. * I own the trademark

But here I am, on the other side, with a positive outlook.

Have a creative and great day!

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