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VR Immersive 360 Movie – Yeren野人

I have recently produced a short horror VR immersive 360 movie with my buddy Marc Oberdorfer from KinoMagic titled Yeren 野人.

If you have a VR headset, great! If not, don’t you worry. You can still watch the film on a desktop or mobile device. Rock on!

For this film project, I produced the score and all of the sound design production. That includes recording and editing ADR, foley and custom sound effects.

I would like to send out a big thank you to the Yeren 野人 cast as well. The actors Julie Chen and Bowman Quock did an incredible job learning and performing the script in one day. Very professional! And a big thank you to Linda Tse for providing a fantastic make up & SFX make up service with a smile. And of course the hard work by director Marc Oberdorfer. Dude!

So have a view on YouTube and if you could leave a comment, subscribe or share as well. The more interaction we can get, the better it is for us to spread the word about this fun project on social media.

Party on!

Julie Chen
Bowman Quock

Directed by:
Marc Oberdorfer

Original music & sound design by:
Gary Gibbons

Make Up & SFX Make Up:
Linda Tse

Produced by:
Professional Music Foundry

For inquiries for custom VR content and film production please visit

For inquiries for original music and sound design please visit

Yeren 野人 Facebook page

Professional Music Foundry Facebook page

KinoMagic Facebook page

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