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My Rooftop – Blacksmith Books

I provided the sound design, ADR and music for the My Rooftop Storybook/CD by Jonathon Ving published by Blacksmith Books. Voice-talent Y. C. Chan.

“I live in a big city. And this is the view from my rooftop.”

My Rooftop tells the story of a young boy growing up in a rapidly modernizing Asian metropolis. It follows his relationship with the changing landscape as seen from the top of his apartment building.

He can see the river, where ships pass day and night. He can see a golden temple shaded by trees. He can see the towers where people go to work, and the hill where the sun sets.

While shared with millions of other people, the view is still very privately his own. But how should he react when a new building starts to block his view? My Rooftop is a tale for all children who face the uncertainty of change.

40 pages of beautifully painted art are accompanied by an audio CD featuring original music, sound effects and narration.

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