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Poker Hero (魔卡勇者)

Was the audio lead for the mobile game named Poker Hero (魔卡勇者) from the Hong Kong game developer, 4 Play Studio Limited. Provided looped symphonic music for the User Interface, high energy epic battle compositions and sound design.

Audio Lead:

A person responsible for overall management of the audio department within a game development studio. Responsible for the game and for communicating this to the sound designers, sound editors, and localization teams on the project.

Mobile Development:

Video games for the mobile market are very popular. As such, there are many game development studios who work exclusively on mobile game titles. Mobile games are most often associated with Apple’s iOS devices, Google’s Android, and even browser based games can be considered mobile.

Sound Designer:

A person or persons responsible for creating and implementing sound into video games. The sound designer’s responsibilities can include: gathering and creating sounds, adjusting all parameters of a given sound within the engine (pitch, volume, spatialization), implementing music, and testing implemented sounds.

Sound Effect/SFX:

A sound played in the game, often associated with an object on screen or a player action. Typically this term excludes other types of audio, namely music and speech. In game development a sound effect is not the same as a single sound. It can include a collection of single sounds grouped for playback in a meaningful way.

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