Legends Of Percussion – Granular Sound Designer Pro

I am the producer and sound designer for the largest Padshop expansion pack ever developed called Granular Sound Designer Pro. This massive expansion pack offers 2,515 * presets for Steinberg’s Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers. With 683 manipulated stereo samples, this large all-in-one sound set provides an epic solution for film and video game projects. * 2,105 presets were included in Version 1 – GSDPRO; 200 presets were included in Version 1.1 – GSDPRO1.1; 210 presets were included in Version 1.2 – GSDPRO1.2

Here is one of the instrumental demos that I composed using only presets from Granular Sound Designer Pro called Legends Of Percussion.

You can learn more about Granular Sound Designer Pro at Online Music Foundry.

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