Xphonika for Retrologue 2

Online Music Foundry releases Xphonika for Retrologue 2

Xphonika For Retrologue 2 A Cinematic Odyssey Xphonika, an epic Sci-Fi & Fantasy scoring tool that contains 355 deeply programmed presets by Online Music Foundry’s Gary Gibbons. With dark evolving soundscapes, otherworldly pads, arpeggiated drum patterns in many time signatures and [...]

Online Music Foundry releases Imaginear for Retrologue 2

Imaginear For Retrologue 2 Let your imagination run free Imaginear brings you an inspiring collection of beautiful ambient, dark cinematic and blooming arpeggiated presets for Retrologue 2. The deeply programmed sounds by Gary Gibbons work great for all kinds of productions [...]