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Warehouse For Padshop 2 I Synthwave Playlist

In this video, Gary Gibbons shares five synthwave instrumental demos created with Warehouse for Steinberg’s Padshop 2.

Warehouse Demos

  • Warehouse – Mystery Speedway – Gary Gibbons
  • Warehouse – Skewed Molecule – Gary Gibbons
  • Warehouse – Outrunscape – Gary Gibbons
  • Warehouse – Neon Cart – Gary Gibbons
  • Warehouse – The Iron Sphinx – Gary Gibbons

All sounds used are from Warehouse for Steinberg’s Padshop 2 Drums: the Modern 80’s Drum Kit for Halion by the amazing Dom Sigalas


By using samples that are provided with Padshop 2 Warehouse by Online Music Foundry expands production possibilities with a new collection of sounds. With 110 presets created by Online Music Foundry’s Gary Gibbons, you can create music for EDM, synthwave, ethnic world music, trailer music productions, and cinematic scores for drama, mystery and horror. 

  • 110 presets
  • Uses samples from the Padshop Pro and Padshop 2 sample folders
  • All presets designed by Gary Gibbons from Online Music Foundry
  • Exclusive expansion for Padshop 2


Warehouse VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for Steinberg’s Padshop 2, a Granular and Spectral Synthesizer.

*For Non-Padshop 2 users – This product is not compatible with Padshop or Padshop Pro.

Visit Online Music Foundry to learn more!

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