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Assigning Modulations via Drag and Drop | New Features in Padshop 2

Hello and thanks for viewing this page. I got another tutorial video that I produced called Assigning Modulations via Drag and Drop | New Features in Padshop 2 that was published to the Steinberg VST Instruments & Plug-Ins channel on March 6th, 2020.

Padshop 2 has drag icons in different sections to make adjusting presets and programming your own patches for music production and sound design quicker and easier. The drag and drop functions can be used with most features, including pitch, filter, amplifier, LFO, the matrix and more, helping you to make fast changes. And fast is always good. I must mention that I love that Steinberg added this feature. Another Padshop positive is the newly added clear modulation function because it also speeds up your workflow. So if I am programming a new sound and assign a modulation that I want to remove all I have to do is hoover above the modulation column and select clear modulation or clear all modulations. Very straightforward.


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