Online Music Foundry releases “Spectral Bloom” for iZotope’s Iris 2

Hello and thanks for visiting this page. Online Music Foundry has released Spectral Bloom, an expansion pack offering 110 patches for iZotope’s Iris 2. With 123 manipulated stereo samples, this sound set provides a solution for sound designers and composers [...]
Doomstrophic expansion pack

Online Music Foundry releases Doomstrophic for Padshop 2

A Dark Cinematic Tool For Padshop 2 Doomstrophic for Padshop 2 by Online Music Foundry combines orchestral strings, brass and percussion, DIY percussive and stringed instruments, and re-synthesized sounds for dark expressive, cinematic scores and apocalyptic sound design. With 725 [...]

Online Music Foundry releases Imaginear for Retrologue 2

Imaginear For Retrologue 2 Let your imagination run free Imaginear brings you an inspiring collection of beautiful ambient, dark cinematic and blooming arpeggiated presets for Retrologue 2. The deeply programmed sounds by Gary Gibbons work great for all kinds of productions [...]