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Doomstrophic expansion pack

Online Music Foundry releases Doomstrophic for Padshop 2

A Dark Cinematic Tool For Padshop 2

Doomstrophic for Padshop 2 by Online Music Foundry combines orchestral strings, brass and percussion, DIY percussive and stringed instruments, and re-synthesized sounds for dark expressive, cinematic scores and apocalyptic sound design. With 725 presets created by Online Music Foundry’s Marco Giardina and Gary Gibbons, you can create trailer tension-builders, dark and diverse mood-setters for thrillers, horror or epic action that include powerful arpeggiated cinematic percussion patterns in many time signatures and tempo scales.


725 presets (Six preset groups with 397 arpeggiated patterns)

151 manipulated stereo samples

175.2 MB samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit quality

All presets designed by Marco Giardina and Gary Gibbons from Online Music Foundry

Exclusive expansion for Padshop 2

Available as download only (.zip file; 166.77MB)

View Patch List

Download a copy of the Patch List here


Doomstrophic VST Sound Instrument Set is an expansion pack for Steinberg’s Padshop 2, a Granular and Spectral Synthesizer.

*For Non-Padshop 2 users – This product is not compatible with Padshop or Padshop Pro.

Visit Online Music Foundry to learn more!

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